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90s Hip Hop Rap Scene

Posted: Oct 30 2016

The 90s hip hop rap scene was a community of storytelling MCs. We have deep respect for their authenticity and narrative approaches. All music genres are a product of societal conditions and all have their own story to tell. Hip hop was conceived in a 1973 apartment rec room in the west Bronx. This OG shindig was hosted by brother and sister Clive aka DJ Kool Herc and Cindy Campbell, mad props. Hip hop was formed by expression after the suppression of late '60s radical black groups. Since, hip hop/rap has formed to be a dominant culture, particularly in the late '80s and throughout the '90s. We are honouring the 1990s hip hop and rap geniuses to grace us with their lyrical gold. Check out the style of these 1990s subversive poets. 
90s hip hop/rap culture conceived a distinctive 'fashion' style congruent with the essence of the 'tight' yet loose rhythmic style of the music. Check out NAS hitting hard in a 90s Nike bomber, Mickey Mouse sweater and New York Yankees MLB jersey. One love.
The Gravediggaz have lyrics that sting and have no regard for public politeness. They take realness to a cold, gritty level. Their raw realness ain't hard to tell when looking at their images. Seen here in oversized 90s puff jackets, reppin' that Tommy Hilfiger. Their hardcore realness is like a glass of ice cold lemonade; refreshing.  
Rollin' to Notorious B.I.G. He expresses his truth beautifully through a storytelling structure that depicts his culture, community, lifestyle and struggle. His rhymes and narrative arcs blow the mind. He will reverb as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time. 
In addition to his powerful words and cool as fuck beats, Biggie adapted, better yet adopted the Coogi sweater. The Coogi brand was founded in Melbourne Australia, 1969. Biggie is most associated with the authentic rainbow Coogi sweater. "However, I stay Coogi down to the socks/rings and socks filled with rocks" - Notorious B.I.G
Wu-Tang Clan needs no introduction, if you don't know this major hip hop group, educate yourself and be embarrassed to the piss your pants degree. Wu-Tang seen here in classic 90s hip hop primary colours and oversized colorblock jackets. Below with that New York Yankees swag. 
Looking up, as we do to 90s New York hip hop duo Black Star, a fusion of iconic rappers Talib Kweli (left) and Mos Def (right). They're musical style is brilliantly smooth, clean and intelligent. 
90s hip hop queen Lauryn Hill seen above in her natural element, fire. In 90s oversized plaid and graphic tee androgynous style.
Below, to Wyclef Jean and Miss Lauryn Hill rooftop jammin' in shearling coats #epic. 
Play it cool, fool. Go smoke a blunt and feel it #shopvanguard 
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  • Posted by Steven Shepard on November 26, 2016

    I have been holding on to a vintage 2 Live Crew Varsity Jacket given to me by Luke himself back in 1993 for the video work I did on his music videos. I currently have it listed on ebay, but am interested in dealing with you if this suits your market and is of value to you.

    I was wondering if you or someone you know might be interested in buying it from me.

    Let me know.
    Steven S.

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